Tools to De-Stress Your Mind and Body

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Are you willing to invest 2% of your day to make the other 98% better?

Emily Fletcher is a three time returning guest. A meditation teacher and creator of the Ziva Technique, Emily taught me everything I know about meditation, and I’ve been a huge advocate of the practice every since I learned three years ago. Meditation has been a huge part of my creative journey and has helped me get rid of anxiety and stress.

Emily has a new master class about just that: reducing stress. Listen in as she talks about different tools, meditation specifically, to help you de-stress your mind and body on a daily basis. She also is sharing new updated neuroscience around meditation, including new benefits and ways to use a meditation practice to hack your creative flow. Check out Emily’s Stress Solution.

To me manifesting simply means consciously creating a life you love.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What’s new in the world of Ziva Meditation [4:10]
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation [5:10]
  • How stress gets stored in your body [7:10]
  • How epigenetic control your genes [8:50]
  • Some of Emily’s favorite new science [10:45]
  • The power of manifesting [14:30]
  • What kind of teaching Emily is doing now [18:15]
  • What a mantra is and how to use them [19:50]
  • How meditation helps with creative performance [22:40]
  • Why you should combine discipline and flow [27:55]
  • What Emily has been doing for the past year [32:35]
  • What is the biggest myth about meditation [35:00]
  • Why people need to make time to meditate [40:20]
  • Emily has a new masterclass about stress management [41:50]
  • The top books Emily is reading now [43:15]
  • What happens when you meditate when you’re pregnant [45:30]
  • What has shifted for me since I started meditating [52:00]

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