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The less stress you have in your body the better able you are to perform in your waking state, and I really believe that that’s the point of meditation.

A year ago I took a class with Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation and started my daily meditation practice. The results have been amazing: jet lag affects me less, I’m able to focus better throughout the day, and am more calm and less reactive overall. It has really taken my creativity and productivity to the next level.

Today I’m bringing you a new series called Nion Spotlights, where we’re highlighting people who are doing and making things that you should know about. I had Emily on the show a year ago to talk about meditation and her business Ziva Meditation, but today she’s talking about Ziva Mind, her online course that allows you to learn her meditation practice no matter where you are in the world.

We’re talking about how to use meditation to boost your productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and to change your brain chemistry. And if you’re listening to this before September 29th 2016, Emily is offering a free Master Class which you should definitely check out!

I’m not surprised anymore, but I’m still amazed.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What is Ziva Meditation [8:05]
  • How meditation benefits your body [8:45]
  • Why Emily is expanding Ziva Meditation [9:25]
  • What is Vedic Meditation [11:45]
  • The results I’ve seen from meditation [15:10]
  • How gratitude can change your chemistry [16:15]
  • The top five results you can see from meditation [17:50]
  • Why anxiety and depression are really stress [19:50]
  • The difference between mindfulness and what Ziva Mind teaches [21:35]
  • What is the point of meditation [23:30]

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