100: Nick Onken – How I Went From Struggling Artist To Where I Am Today

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For me the biggest key to success is being able to master your mind.

Today I’m bringing you the first episode of NION Radio, formerly ShopTalk Radio. With the help of my girlfriend Stacy London, we’re turning the tables as she interviews me about how I got to where I am in my creative career, why I’m starting my own brand, and what NION is all about.

Starting from my childhood outside of Seattle, we are talking about all of the gritty details: my design career, when I first picked up a camera, how traveling has opened my eyes, the highs and lows of my career, how I found my own identity despite the confines of my environment, and how learning about emotional intelligence has helped me along the way.

Listen in to learn where the name of my brand NION came from, why I’m passionate bout living a vibrant life with your eyes open, and why I want to continue interviewing fascinating people that are creating great art and leading highly productive, rich, and fulfilling lives.

Thank you for your support of this podcast over the years. I’m excited to be continuing to push it to be helpful and inspiring for all types of creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists.

I definitely had to motivate myself to discover a bigger world.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What is the essence of this podcast [4:20]
  • Common themes amongst creatives [6:25]
  • The importance of giving back [8:00]
  • The difference between success and fulfillment [9:40]
  • What drives my curiosity [14:10]
  • How I started questioning my religious upbringing [18:30]
  • What opened my eyes to travel [22:40]
  • When I first picked up a digital camera [28:05]
  • The importance of practice [37:00]
  • What influenced my hunger for experience [48:40]
  • Why it’s important to build your career as a photographer in a big city [49:50]
  • How I created an awesome network [59:20]
  • Why you have to have a vision for where you want to be [1:01:50]
  • How to find representation [1:04:25]
  • Why I moved to New York [1:10:10]
  • Where Nion came from [1:13:20]
  • What happened when media shifted in 2011 [1:15:05]
  • Why you have to separate yourself from your work [1:20:10]
  • How NION came about [1:24:20]
  • The role collaboration will play in NION [1:30:30]
  • How to not be cynical about the world [1:38:10]

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