94: Jared Kleinert – How to Connect with People by Adding Value

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“I realized that if I wanted to do big things in this world that I needed to associate myself with good people.”

Today’s guest is the youngest guest I’ve ever had on the show. At the age of 20, Jared Kleinert has already don’t a TEDTalk, been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and published a book called 2 Billion Under 20. Jared is on a mission to find the millennial superstars of this world and shine the spotlight on them. Listen in as we talk about the power of connecting people, building value and relationships, and how we can use technology to create platforms and communities. Learn how he has connected to some of the most powerful people in the business and creative world at such a young age and how he’s using those connections to his advantage.

And remember, Nion is coming! Keep your eyes and ears peeled as we get ready to change the name of the show to Nion Radio. Nion is my new lifestyle brand, and it’s all about living life in color and optimizing the creative lifestyle while sharing your art with the world.

“It gets easier as you add more swatches of color to your life canvas.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Who impacted his life as a teenager [4:15]
  • The biggest mistake you can make when starting a business [5:55]
  • How to find your mentor [8:50]
  • Why he tries to be conscious about his life decisions [13:20]
  • The impact of surrounding yourself with varied and diverse people [17:10]
  • Why it’s important to provide value up front when networking [19:10]
  • How to add value to people you want to connect with [25:10]
  • What is a super connecter [32:55]
  • What is the Benjamin Franklin effect [38:30]
  • How to maintain a positive attitude when someone says no [40:10]
  • Why speaking at events is a great hack to become a super connecter [45:10]
  • How he grew out of his introverted personality [50:40]The value of the gap year [54:40]
  • What his next book will be about [1:01:30]

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