Ep 129: Connor Beaton

129: Connor Beaton – How Personal Growth Catalyzes Your Creativity

Thats what creating your moments is all about – taking a proactive approach to life.

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by Nick Onken


If you want to take off, build your runway.

Connor Beaton has taken a unique path. After graduating from college not really feeling passionate about his major in technical engineering, he became an opera singer. Normal, right? Connor’s path is unique, as is his message. His organization ManTalks aims to encourage men to develop and become self-aware, high-performing, vulnerable, and impactful.

These days Connor focuses on creating peak performance through personal growth in your creativity and business. He does ManTalks all around the world, helping men create better lives and deepening their relationships with themselves and in their relationships.

I think there is a lot to be learned from Connor for those in the creative realm who want to access their flow and vulnerability. In our fascinating conversation we talked about taking the leap, prioritizing, getting in the zone, and so much more.

Life brings us things that we often don’t know that we need.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What it was like growing up in the Texas of Canada [3:50]
  • How Connor got into singing opera [6:00]
  • What Connor did after he left the opera world [8:40]
  • The creation of ManTalks [9:30]
  • Why you have to take the leap [13:00]
  • How prioritizing can change your game [15:45]
  • What is Man Talks [17:45]
  • What is embodied masculinity [21:45]
  • Why men are disconnected from their anger [24:00]
  • How to pursue your peak performance [27:30}
  • How to drop from your head to your heart [33:40]
  • How to get in the zone [40:00]
  • Connor’s favorite books [45:20]
  • The connection between creativity and curiosity [51:00]
  • How to surrender [56:00]
  • Why you have to be present and open to incredible moments [1:00:50]

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