How to Create a Career in Art Part 8/15 - 5 Tips On Finding a Mentor

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You have to be proactive in your learning, development, and relationships.

Creating a high profile career in fashion and lifestyle photography is gratifying, but what it took from me to get there is the real gift.

During the last ten years of creating this career, I’ve learned a few things that might be useful to the up-and-comers. In this collection of episodes I break down the process that I used to make a living with my art. These tips go beyond my world of photography and transcend into any creative venture.

The lessons can be useful if you’re into illustration, fashion design, fashion blogging, music, performing arts, writing or any other creative hustle. Think of it like the DNA of a creative professional. Think of it like the building blocks of inspiration.

This is the eighth installment of my 15 part series on how to make a career in art.

What you bring to the table is what you’re going to get in return.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Don’t let your mind be closed when it comes to who your mentor can be [1:00]
  • You can find business mentors, creative mentors [1:10]
  • Sometimes you have to pry your way into their world [1:45]
  • Mentors can be a good alternative to going to school, especially in the arts [2:00]
  • A mentorship can range from following someone’s work, to hanging out and talking, to interning [2:15]
  • To find a mentor, first you have to be proactive [2:40]
  • Second, you have to drop the ego [3:25]
  • Third, you have to offer value! [4:0]
  • Fourth, if you really want to learn, intern [5:55]
  • Last, apply what you learn, and share that with your mentor [7:00]

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  • Music Credit: Diamond Stroll by Ramzoid

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