How To Build a Career in Hip Hop

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“Make the radio and labels come to you by staying true to yourself and cultivating your own audience.” – Asher Roth

I Love College was a hit and for the last seven years Asher Roth has been making a living as a musician.

In this interview we discuss the complexities of a life that revolves around your art.

Asher is different in lots of ways. His name is out there with each song. He doesn’t get the opportunity to do commercial work to support his personal projects. He’s on the front line.

In this interview we dive into what exactly that means. This one is full of light and wisdom creatives so thank you for downloading, let’s get into it with Asher Roth.

“Stay positive. Shit sucks some times, but you’ve got to keep it moving.” – Asher Roth

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How Asher engineered breakthroughs in  his hip hop career
  • On the balance of staying true to your art and keeping food on the table
  • What makes a “Responsible Record”
  • Your record label and your art?
  • On the importance of fun and a positive attitude
  • How Asher Roth got started in hip hop
  • Monumental moments of self discovery through the writing process
  • Jack of All Trades or Expert at One Thing – Which one?
  • Why acknowledging talent is so important
  • About the role of relationships and a creative lifestyle
  • A freestyle on what it means to live inspiration

“When you can lose yourself in what you’re doing, it’s pretty awesome.” – Asher Roth

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Music Credit: I Love College, G.R.I.N.D. & Tangerine Girl by Asher Roth

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