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Posted by Nick Onken | September 11, 2019
165: Christian Minson – Healing Your Life With Breathwork

"Plant medicine and breath were the mandate to bring Rythmia into existence." Welcome to NION Radio! Today's episode is another part of my series on plant medicine and the wonderful...

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Posted by Nick Onken | August 27, 2019
163: Dr. Jeff McNairy – How Plant Medicine Works In Your Brain

"Gerry wanted to have a place that was safe and had clinical people and shamans all together in one place, so that people that would never go to Peru or...

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Posted by Nick Onken | August 14, 2019
162: Gerry Powell – How Plant Medicine Can Change Your Life

"I'm not a thought leader, I'm not woke, I'm a guy that's a cheerleader for a plant." I'm so happy to introduce you to Gerry Powell, today's guest on NION...

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Posted by Nick Onken | August 6, 2019
161: Experimenting with Plant Medicine

"It's like if you got shot by a bullet and it got lodged in your body. Well you're not just going to leave it in there. You're going to want...

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Deeper World on Nion Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | June 19, 2019
158: Nick Onken – Exploring The Deeper World Around Us

"I think a lot of my self worth in the earlier times in my career was found in who and what I was shooting, and there was a point where...

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