Nick Onken

Posted by Nick Onken | October 2, 2019
168: Why Registering Your Copyright Is Important

"Pretty much anything of yours that's used online without your permission is considered an infringement of copyright." What if I told you that you may be losing tons of money...

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Posted by Nick Onken | September 18, 2019
166: Nick Onken – ABC – Always Be Creating

"I always want to be in a state of creation." As an artist, we always have our art in our sights. What we're working on, what we're inspired by, what...

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Posted by Nick Onken | September 4, 2019
164: How Breathwork Has Helped My Creative Flow

"The space we want to get to that's a great space to create from is a space of internal validation." Welcome to today's episode of NION Radio! Today on the...

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Posted by Nick Onken | August 6, 2019
161: Experimenting with Plant Medicine

"It's like if you got shot by a bullet and it got lodged in your body. Well you're not just going to leave it in there. You're going to want...

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Posted by Nick Onken | July 24, 2019
160: The Biggest Mistakes Creatives Make

"If you are a creative and you want to make money with your art, you gotta do this one thing." Over the 20 years that I've been making art, there...

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Deeper World on Nion Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | June 19, 2019
158: Nick Onken – Exploring The Deeper World Around Us

"I think a lot of my self worth in the earlier times in my career was found in who and what I was shooting, and there was a point where...

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Posted by Nick Onken | April 17, 2019
155: Nick Onken – Taking Out Your Mind Trash

"It's that monkey brain chatter of worry, fear, and anxiety, and all the thoughts that come from worrying about the future and regretting the past." To stay healthy, we make...

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11 Things on Nion Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | January 16, 2019
151: 11 Things I Learned This Year

"No matter where you're at or what you're going through, it's important to keep moving, keep your head up and keep going." 2018 is done and I know most of...

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