Posted by Nick Onken | August 23, 2017
129: Connor Beaton – How Personal Growth Catalyzes Your Creativity

  If you want to take off, build your runway. Connor Beaton has taken a unique path. After graduating from college not really feeling passionate about his major in technical...

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Posted by Nick Onken | July 26, 2017
127: Adam Ward – How to Make a Living Playing with Lego

I thought it was so cool that this toy could interact with all my other toys. Today I’m talking to a truly unique artist whose medium is Lego: Adam Ward....

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Posted by Nick Onken | July 12, 2017
125: Anna Bulbrook – How To Transition To A New Creative Career

You can come for a really sick lineup and know that you’re getting some feminism mixed in there. Being a woman in the music scene is very different from being...

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Posted by Nick Onken | March 7, 2017
116: Eric Ray Davidson – How Collaboration Creates Success

The whole secret to being an artist and building a career is just being prolific. I’ve been thinking lately about creative momentum, and how important it is. It’s something I...

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Posted by Nick Onken | February 16, 2017
115: Nick Onken – One for Them and One for Me

You must use every asset of knowledge, every skill, everything that you can do to help generate time and money for you to create the sandbox for you to practice...

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Posted by Nick Onken | February 8, 2017
114: Luam – How To Transition From Corporate Life to Working Artist

Use everything you know to do what you love. Use it all. Today I’m talking to celebrity choreographer and creative director Luam. She works on events, concerts, music videos, galas,...

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Posted by Nick Onken | February 1, 2017
113: Nick Onken – 3 Ways to Invest in Your Craft

  To elevate your work, you must invest. Today I’m giving you a five minute takeaway about investing in your creative journey. It’s important not only when you are starting...

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Posted by Nick Onken | January 24, 2017
112: Jared Kleinert – How To Amplify Your Creative Project With Your Network

If you put art or something creative out into the world, of course you want to see it do well. Today I’m talking to Jared Kleinert, a returning guest, and...

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Posted by Nick Onken | December 1, 2016
108: Nick Onken – Showing Appreciation To Those That Help You

People love to be appreciated. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about showing appreciation and gratitude to those that help you. It’s not something that I have always been great...

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Posted by Nick Onken | October 12, 2016
104: Mark Van Der Heijden – How to Travel the World Using Your Talent

I had no idea how it would evolve, I just went all in and I had no expectations, and I think that’s the best way to do it. In this...

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