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Episode 131:
Nick Onken

Real artists will take the time to create a business around what their craft. Today I’m sharing with you some of the books that have helped me along my creative and entrepreneurial journey. Some of these books are what got me started down this path of art and commerce, and others are ones I have...

13 September 2017
Episode 130:
Nick Onken

It’s great to be able to communicate with people and to be able to get ahold of people as you’re getting through a country and making plans. I travel a lot, probably logging 75,000 - 100,000 miles flown every year. The majority of those miles are international, and I’ve learned a lot from traveling so...

30 August 2017


Episode 129:
Connor Beaton
Twelve things I learned in 2016

  If you want to take off, build your runway. Connor Beaton has taken a unique path. After graduating from college not really feeling passionate about his major in technical engineering, he became an opera singer. Normal, right? Connor’s path is unique, as is his message. His organization ManTalks aims to encourage men to develop...

23 August 2017
Episode 128:
Vienna Pharaon

If you’re not taking care of yourself, there’s no way you can show up as your best self for others. Your inner world affects your outer world, your relationships, your art, your career. Understanding and knowing yourself allows you to pursue the things you care about. Today I’m talking to Vienna Pharaon from Mindful MFT....

09 August 2017
Episode 127:
Adam Ward
Lego Artist

I thought it was so cool that this toy could interact with all my other toys. Today I’m talking to a truly unique artist whose medium is Lego: Adam Ward. Adam makes sculptures and murals, does commissions, and worked on the Lego Batman movie. He has a series with Soul Pancake on YouTube called Brick...

26 July 2017
Episode 126:
Nick Onken

Now more than ever I have to keep reinventing. Today I’m talking about one of the biggest things that we as creatives deal with on a daily basis: uncertainty. It is easily the most challenging part of a career as an artist or entrepreneur. Some days it’s hard to imaging where your next job or...

19 July 2017
Episode 125:
Anna Bulbrook
Musician, Creator of GirlSchool

You can come for a really sick lineup and know that you’re getting some feminism mixed in there. Being a woman in the music scene is very different from being a man in the music scene. Playing classical violin is very different that playing rock violin. And Anna Bulbrook knows a lot about these differences....

12 July 2017
Episode 124:
Nick Onken

Creating moments is all about pushing yourself over that ledge into that uncomfortable zone. This past weekend, I was out in LA taking a workshop with my friends Quddus and Carmina (Camera Ready) about being in front of and behind a camera, interviewing, speaking on stage. I did this because I want to get better...

28 June 2017
Episode 123:
Danielle Snyder
Founder and Creative Director of Dannijo Jewelry

What good collaboration should do is inspire you. Today on the podcast I’m talking to co-founder and creative director of Dannijo Jewelry, Danielle Snyder. Dannijo Jewelry has a unique aesthetic and breaks the mold that often restricts high end jewelry and accessories, and it has been worn by everyone from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift.  Danielle...

15 June 2017
Episode 122:
Nick Onken

I’ve finished more books in the last month than I have in two years. Today I’m sharing a new discovery with you. I’ve never been much of a reader, but I love learning more and educating myself and feeding my brain. So I’ve found a secret to help me read books quickly. Listen in to...

02 June 2017
Episode 121:
Nick Onken

  If you can master the way that you think, you can manifest and create greater results in your life. Today I’m talking about a challenge that every entrepreneur faces, especially creative entrepreneurs. This question and idea came from the Nion Life Community, which you can join to connect with other creatives to ask questions,...

11 May 2017
Episode 120:
Jonas Blue
Record Producer, DJ

I have a lot of drive and a lot of will power and I will stick to something and I will get it done. Today I’m talking to Jonas Blue, a major recording artist in the UK. Jonas is known for a tropical house cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and his single Perfect Strangers,...

26 April 2017
Episode 119:
Nick Onken

Your relationships and your network are huge key components of success. Today I’m talking about a question that was recently asked by previous podcast guest Andy Murphy, who teaches neurlinguistic programming for peak performance, in my Nion Life community on Facebook. How do you make friends when you arrive in a new place? Creating a...

18 April 2017
Episode 118:
Emmanuelle Chriqui

  Whatever place you are in your career, I don’t think the struggle lessens. I think it’s just a different set of struggles. Today I’m talking to Emmanuelle Chriqui. You might know her as Sloan on the hit show Entourage, or from the film You Don’t Mess With The Zohan and In The Mix. She...

30 March 2017
Episode 117:
Nick Onken

It’s about being self aware of your own limiting beliefs that challenge your vision. Today’s topic was inspired by a question asked of a member of my Facebook group, Nion Community. How do you, as an artist, learn to trust your creative vision? What can you do to gain more confidence in your craft? Listen...

17 March 2017
Episode 116:
Eric Ray Davidson

The whole secret to being an artist and building a career is just being prolific. I’ve been thinking lately about creative momentum, and how important it is. It’s something I talked about with this week’s guest, Eric Ray Davidson. He’s a brilliant photographer who has been showing up more and more in the last few...

07 March 2017

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