Nick Onken - How I Stay Motivated & Focused
Posted by Nick Onken | November 12, 2019
174: How I Stay Motivated & Focused

"The mental game is the biggest game you'll ever play." Welcome to today's episode of NION Radio where we're talking about how to stay motivated and focused in your creative endeavors. When I was going over emails and comments from members of the NION Life community, this was the number one thing that kept coming...

Jason Naylor on NION Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | November 6, 2019
173: Jason Naylor – Creating A Brand Around Your Art

"To exhibit that you recognize that you are not alone in your creating of art, that keeps you humble and that's a quality that I love and admire." Today on NION Radio, we have Jason Naylor, an award-winning artist, designer, and creative director who has been working in NYC for 15 years. After earning a...

Posted by Nick Onken | October 30, 2019
172: When You Make SH*T Art

"When you make shit art, you just have to get up and make more art." You just got done with your big project. Your magnum opus. You had been envisioning it for years, it was beautiful, it was impactful, it was amazing! But when all was said and done, and you stepped back, it didn't...

Posted by Nick Onken | October 22, 2019
171: Bryce Kennedy – How To Convert Anger Into Power And Creativity

"IST gets back to that root of your beliefs, so you can open up that belief that was formed in your life." "I was an attorney who worked 90 hour weeks. I had a lovely bleeding stomach ulcer. I was plagued by decades of sleepless nights due to night terrors. I liked my scotch almost...

Posted by Nick Onken | October 16, 2019
170: Where Do I Start?

"I'm always starting over, and you have to find the things that motivate you, you have to find your inspiration." Whether you're just starting out in your field or you're a seasoned veteran, we've all been in this space: Where do I start? Who do I talk to? What am I even trying to do?...

Posted by Nick Onken | October 9, 2019
169: Todd Herman – Creating An Alter Ego To Uplevel Creative Performance

"We all naturally do this. We aspire to be the heroes that we see out there, and we put on their uniform or jersey and try to activate that better version of ourself." Would you believe it if you heard that Beyonce uses an alter ego to overcome her anxiety on stage? Did you know...

Posted by Nick Onken | October 2, 2019
168: Why Registering Your Copyright Is Important

"Pretty much anything of yours that's used online without your permission is considered an infringement of copyright." What if I told you that you may be losing tons of money from others illegally using your work? And what if you knew exactly how to get that money that is rightfully yours? Today on NION Radio,...

Posted by Nick Onken | September 25, 2019
167: Paige Mycoskie – Designing Your Life Through Your Art With Products

"Once I started sewing clothes for myself, I realized it was something I was wildly passionate about." Today on NION Radio, we have one of my oldest friends, Paige Mycoskie, founder of California-based fashion brand Aviator Nation. When Paige crafted her vision of what she wanted Aviator Nation to be, she knew what she was...

Posted by Nick Onken | September 18, 2019
166: ABC – Always Be Creating

"I always want to be in a state of creation." As an artist, we always have our art in our sights. What we're working on, what we're inspired by, what we're learning, all things that contribute to success in our field. But what are we not focusing on? On today's episode of NION Radio, we're...