Marie Griffin on Nion Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | October 3, 2018
149: Marie Griffin – Finding Your Catnip

“What is catnip? Catnip is powerful, memorable, and very fast. Everybody has a story, but the decisions that you make about people and brands is much faster than the story.” - Marie Griffin Marie Griffin is the sought-after authority in media and communication training for leaders and personalities in business, film, fashion, music, beauty, sports,...

Jordan Harbinger on Nion Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | September 26, 2018
148: Jordan Harbinger – Secrets To Building And Maintaining Lifeline Relationships

“Even people with huge networks, they're not thinking about what they can do for other people most of the time, and that's the mistake.” - Jordan Harbinger At the beginning of 2018, Jordan Harbinger was running his successful company and podcast, The Art of Charm. By February, he and the Art of Charm had a...

Posted by Nick Onken | September 19, 2018
147: Staying Creative and Paying Your Bills

"The game of money making and staying creative has always been the challenge of the artist's journey." We know the feeling of that amazing burst of inspiration. It's the feeling we live for as artists, when the muse strikes and it's effortless, and we feel energized and ready for whatever comes next. But the feeling...

Posted by Nick Onken | June 14, 2018
Community Feature: Rukmini Poddar

Today’s post is an interview with Rukmini Poddar, a visual designer and illustrator. She’s based in New York City and also works as a designer for The Bhakti Center. I met Rukmini through Jay Shetty, a mutual friend of ours and was particularly inspired with her Enneagram illustrations. For those of you who don’t know,...

Posted by Nick Onken | June 4, 2018
146: Alex Banayan – How Uncommon Thinking Leads to Unimaginable Opportunity

"It’s not about how quick the story is, it’s about how fun and entertaining the story is." We all know the magic of great storytelling - it draws you in, wraps you up, leaves you hanging on every word. It makes you wonder what is going to happen next, so much so that you can’t...

Posted by Nick Onken | May 14, 2018
145: Amber Rae – How to Focus on Wonder and Worry Less

"How do we embrace all our messy and uncomfortable emotions and treat them as allies on our path rather than enemies that are trying to hurt us?" Today on the show we have returning guest Amber Rae, who has been one of our most listened to guests. It’s easy to see why: Amber is all...

Posted by Nick Onken | May 8, 2018
How to Live the NION Life like a Badass Creative Entrepreneur

It all started a while back when I read Tim Ferriss’ book The Four Hour Work Week. That book inspired and got me thinking in the perspective of designing my life in the way I wanted to live it and thus I set out on my journey. Entrepreneurship is one thing, but selling a creative...

Posted by Laura Belgray | April 26, 2018
A Toast To The People Who Will Never, Ever Like Or Get What You Do

When I was a kid, an ad for Sara Lee -- a supermarket brand of cakes and breads -- ran constantly on TV. The jingle went, Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee!” Though I dig the intentionally clunky double negative of “nobody doesn’t,” I call BS on that claim. Sure, I...

Posted by Nick Onken | April 19, 2018
144: Chris Lee – How to Cultivate Creativity and Abundance

Once you have the why, the how shows up. Today I am talking about creativity and abundance with my friend and transformational coach Chris Lee. Chris trains high level executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, musicians, and so many more, and he has trained a lot of buddies of mine. Chris has some amazing insights into how...