How to Use Curiosity to Navigate Life and Creativity

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“How do we embrace all our messy and uncomfortable emotions and treat them as allies on our path rather than enemies that are trying to hurt us?”

Today on the show we have returning guest Amber Rae, who has been one of our most listened to guests. It’s easy to see why: Amber is all about diving inward to find and express and develop your inner creativity.

Amber has been on a journey since we last spoke with her. Her new book, Choose Wonder Over Worry, is a guide to diving within yourself and asking the right questions to propel yourself forward in the world of creativity. This book is so unique both in message and layout, and Amber’s words are incredibly inspiring. If you want a taste, head over to her amazing Instagram accounts, where she shares profound statements about her own journey that will catalyze you in yours.

I’m excited to be giving away a signed copy of Choose Wonder Over Worry. To win it, listen to this episode, go over to the Nion Life Community, and post your biggest question about your creative journey!

“Wisdom knows how to understand worry’s anxiety, see wonder’s curiosities, and say ‘what is the right next move?’”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How her book came into being [4:25]
  • How Elizabeth Gilbert has guided Amber’s path [5:50]
  • The journey to finding the right book agent [9:50]
  • Writing is like an onion [10:50]
  • What it means to choose wonder over worry [13:50]
  • Amber’s timeline got kind of mixed up and what it brought up for her [17:45]
  • How a goddess emerged to Amber and helped her rethink her process [20:00]
  • The importance of recognize and have dialogue with your worries [23:25]
  • When to bring wisdom into your process [28:05]
  • What happens when you’re struggling financially on your journey [31:35]
  • How to listen to your intuition [34:50]
  • What is next for Amber [37:25]
  • Why you have to discover, design, and deliver [41:50]

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