How to Cultivate Creativity and Abundance

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Once you have the why, the how shows up.

Today I am talking about creativity and abundance with my friend and transformational coach Chris Lee. Chris trains high level executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, musicians, and so many more, and he has trained a lot of buddies of mine.

Chris has some amazing insights into how we hold ourselves back and what we can do to rid ourselves of barriers to create the life and career we want. We know that emotional intelligence is the key to creating a strong mindset, and mindset is the biggest key to success: your thoughts create your actions which create your results, so if we can learn how to better control and create the thoughts that we want, we’ll create a bigger and better lifestyle.

An all around amazing, fun, energetic guy, Chris’s mission is to serve the world and create transformation from within. Listen in as we talk about creativity, abundance, ego, generosity, gratitude, and so much more. 

We’re all artists of something. Everyone has the creative means to be an artist.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Learn about Chris’s background [5:25]
  • When Chris realized he wanted to serve people [7:00]
  • Words are Chris’s creative outlet [8:05]
  • What was the process of becoming a coach [9:40]
  • Who Chris coaches [11:30
  • Why you have to detach your ego [14:45]
  • How Chris’s book came into being [17:00]
  • You are a billionaire already [19:50]
  • What it means to come from a place of gratitude and abundance [25:30]
  • How to be generous in the simplest ways [31:10]
  • How Chris shifts negative and fearful thoughts. [32:30]
  • You have to take responsibility for your creativity [38:45]
  • Why you need to surrender instead of force [41:45]
  • What happened when Chris’s brother passed while he was in the middle of a seminar [44:45]
  • How to get out of your own way [50:00]
  • Not enough people have coaches [51:35]
  • How to stay confident and trusting [58:45]
  • Why you should keep your word [1:04:45]
  • Every moment is a blessing – embrace it [1:06:10]
  • What books Chris is loving [1:07:05]

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