How To Prioritize Which F*cks To Give

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If I’m not excited about something the readers aren’t going to be excited either.

Mark Manson has blown up over the last couple years selling over 2 million copies of his newest book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, which stemmed from his blog article and pdf. I recently met Mark though a mastermind group that I’m a part of and asked him to be on this podcast. Upon doing research on him, I found that he has so many good articles on success on his amazingly designed website, He’s got so many interesting articles about life and I soon realized his writing and packaging skills he has beyond just the book he is known for. He’s got many articles about life and love that will help enrich your own life, and are the best short articles on various life subjects.

What I love about this Mark Manson book is that it really taught me the meaning of not necessarily the subtle art of not giving a f, but really how to prioritize the fucks that I do give. Really, that’s an essence of modern day buddism. We all create suffering for ourselves by choosing to give f*cks about things that we don’t need to. We worry about the future, or live in regret of the past, and when we do that we create our own suffering.

This podcast is all about living a NION life. It is about living a creatively fulfilled lifestyle where the lens of creativity is the lens of which you see the world. It’s about living every day creating the moments that you dream of instead of letting life drift by. It’s about utilizing creative resonance as a tool that helps give meaning to life. We are meaning making machines, and we choose what we give meaning to by prioritizing what we give a f*ck about. NIONlife is about choosing to give a f*ck about not only creating your existence, but creating art and whatever it is that you love in life. It’s about choosing to create over choosing to spend time consuming.

NIONlife is about choosing to give a fuck about and prioritizing these pillars of life, and evolving yourself to embody them to be the best creative human you can living the most fulfilled life you can. These pillars are creativity, relationships, health & wellness, business, and personal development. This podcast touches on all of these.

What I love about this episode with Mark, is that not only do we distill the idea of not giving f*cks, but we dive into his creative process of writing. He really is a brilliant writer, and understand branding and how to package things to deliver his message in an impactful way. We talk about some of his creative process examples and what his days look like. We also unpacked his experience of building his career, and what happened to him when his book exploded and catapulted him into the stratosphere of the book world.

Over the last year, I’ve become an audio book nerd and I devoured The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck on audible. I love listening to audio books as it works the best for me to ingest the knowledge of a book. I did another podcast on how this has become my secret weapon. Knowledge is power, and I believe in learning how you operate the best to educate yourself.

Mark Manson’s website is one of the best writer websites I’ve ever experienced and it even has audio of each article that you can listen to if you subscribe to his platform. Surprisingly enough after a conversation with him, I learned that he designed the website and experience himself. I give him mad props for that especially coming from my own graphic design background.

The game changes once you start getting to those higher levels of success.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The inspiration behind The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck [4:15]
  • What Mark discovered actually mattered to him [7:30]
  • Why we create narratives about ourselves now [9:30]
  • How to choose your priorities in life [10:55]
  • What got Mark into the world of personal development [14:55]
  • The transition to making money with his writing [18:45]
  • How he got into the publishing world [23:00]
  • How to get your name out there [25:40]
  • Mark’s take on social media and smartphones [28:55]
  • How social media can take away from creative states [33:30]
  • What books Mark used to learn branding [37:30]
  • Mark’s creative process [40:30]
  • Where Mark draws inspiration from [43:50]
  • How the book came about [44:45]
  • Mark’s tips to stop giving a f*ck [48:20]
  • Applying Mark’s advice to a career in creativity [50:40]
  • How to handle feedback and criticism [52:20]
  • Finding new trajectories after success [54:10]
  • What Mark’s new book is about [1:00:00]

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