10 Things I Learned This Year (2017)

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When you create a higher self, that elevates your game.

Happy new year! I hope you celebrated and had fun sending out 2017 with a bang. I also hope you took the time to write down some goals for 2018, to think about what you want to build and create this year. I did a lot of learning in 2017, and on today’s episode I’m talking about the lessons I’m taking away from last year and applying to this new year.

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It’s about evolving to have a long-lasting career in creativity.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Mindset is everything to success [2:10]
  • You are a mean making machine [4:20]
  • Focus on your zone of genius [5:30]
  • Be of value [6:15]
  • Create something every day, even if it sucks [6:55]
  • Curate your surroundings [8:00]
  • A novice says “I already knew that,” a master says “thank you for the reminder.” [9:05]
  • Relationships are everything [10:00]
  • Evolve or evaporate [11:00]
  • Practice self care [12:15]

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