Unpacking Your Inner World for Better Relationships

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If you’re not taking care of yourself, there’s no way you can show up as your best self for others.

Your inner world affects your outer world, your relationships, your art, your career. Understanding and knowing yourself allows you to pursue the things you care about. Today I’m talking to Vienna Pharaon from Mindful MFT. Vienna is a therapist in NYC, and she has a great Instagram account that has garnered a lot attention where she shares deep thoughts and amazing insights into our journeys as humans, creatives, partners, and more.

In our conversation, Vienna and I talk about some common issues she sees in relationships, how to find a good therapist, the stigma around therapy, and why you have to take inventory of your life.

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A therapist can only take their clients as far as they’ve taken themselves.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What drew her to marriage and family therapy [4:35]
  • The impact of NYC on relationships and self worth [7:30]
  • Common issues that Vienna often sees in relationships [9:15]
  • If it was easy to make these changes, we’d all be doing it [11:10]
  • Why family of origin is important [12:10]
  • The mystery of the subconscious space [15:50]
  • It takes work to pause [17:10]
  • Why it starts with your role in your family system [19:00]
  • We bring roles from our youth into our relationships [21:15]
  • What it means to come from “I” [23:25]
  • How relationships with entrepreneurs are different [26:25]
  • How to let your partner know that they’re a priority while still taking time for yourself [31:30]
  • What are the five love languages [32:20]
  • The importance of the practice of finding peace within instead of focusing on outcome [34:30]
  • Take inventory of your life every so often [38:50]
  • How Vienna combines therapy and entrepreneurship and fitness [43:00]
  • What creativity does for the soul [46;40]
  • How Vienna creates her Instagram content [49:20]
  • What makes a good therapist [56:40]
  • How therapy helps you lead a vibrant life [1:02:00]
  • Why you have to constantly be a student and be learning [1:06:40]

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