How to Make a Living Playing with Lego

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I thought it was so cool that this toy could interact with all my other toys.

Today I’m talking to a truly unique artist whose medium is Lego: Adam Ward. Adam makes sculptures and murals, does commissions, and worked on the Lego Batman movie. He has a series with Soul Pancake on YouTube called Brick x Brick. He played with Lego a lot when he was younger but never dreamed it could turn into a career. But with a kickstarted campaign and some great connections, he has made with happen.

Today Adam is offering us his insights into Lego world. He’s talking about his artistic process, and how he started to make money with his Lego work. It’s a pretty fascinating conversation – Adam’s story goes to show that truly anything is possible.

It’s so fun to invite people to interact with art, to mess with it to put their own spin on it.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How Adam started working with Lego [4:00]
  • Adam reached out to Lego and was turned down [9:15]
  • How Adam used Kickstarter to launch his company [10:00]
  • The challenges of paving your own way to a career in art [16:40]
  • How Adam shifted his perspective on abundance and money [18:20]
  • How Peace and Bricks came about [19:50]
  • Transitioning to a career as a Lego artist  [25:35]
  • How Adam got involved with the Lego movies [29:20]
  • What Adam’s creative process looks like [34:15]
  • Some crazy facts about Lego [40:20]
  • Even pluralized, it’s Lego [41:10]
  • Learn more about Lego subculture [42:40]
  • Where he wants to go with his career [50:30]
  • One of Adam’s dream projects [52:00]
  • How he handles highs and lows [53:30]
  • What routines help Adam with his productivity [56:30]

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