Throw Yourself Into The Fire

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Creating moments is all about pushing yourself over that ledge into that uncomfortable zone.

This past weekend, I was out in LA taking a workshop with my friends Quddus and Carmina (Camera Ready) about being in front of and behind a camera, interviewing, speaking on stage. I did this because I want to get better at my craft.

I started this podcast as a way to push myself out of my comfort zone. One of my biggest fears is talking in front of people and communicating effectively, putting myself out there. Now, at 124 episodes, I am definitely feeling out of my comfort zone. I’ve been feeling a little stagnant with growing the podcast, so I wanted to refresh that passion and work on my skills, and this workshop definitely did that. It made me think about my commitment to the show, and how, once you push yourself to new places and to learn new skills, you really grow as a person.

Put the camera down, put the iPhone down and get in there because that’s where the fulfilled richness of life comes from.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The challenge of doing this podcast [2:00]
  • I challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone [2:40]
  • Creativity doesn’t always come in the form of art [4:00]
  • Why I push myself to participate in life [4:30]
  • Learn more about the Camera Ready workshop I did [5:00]
  • Why it’s important to get feedback [5:30]
  • My challenge to you [5:40]

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