Ep 123: Danielle Snyder

123: Danielle Snyder – How to Build a Community of True Fans Who Buy Your Art

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by Nick Onken

What good collaboration should do is inspire you.

Today on the podcast I’m talking to co-founder and creative director of Dannijo Jewelry, Danielle Snyder. Dannijo Jewelry has a unique aesthetic and breaks the mold that often restricts high end jewelry and accessories, and it has been worn by everyone from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift

Danielle is a hustler – she started making jewelry when she was young with her father’s medical tools. She and her sister reunited after college and decided to pursue their passion to create this company. Listen in as we talk about her path to entrepreneurship, her creative process, how the company has used social media, the importance of collaboration, and so much more.

I think all the most important aspects of running a business and being an entrepreneur are the things that aren’t necessarily work.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • When Danielle started making jewelry [5:00]
  • How jewelry came back into her life in college [6:30]
  • What happened when Beyoncé bought one of their pieces [9:00]
  • What she learned from getting fired [11:15]
  • The challenges of growing and scaling a business [13:40]
  • The value of using social media as a tool [15:20]
  • How to build a community online [18:20]
  • What inspired Danielle [20:50]
  • Where her aesthetic came from [22:20]
  • The power of true collaboration [24:50]
  • Why you have to get out of the office or studio [29:30]
  • What Danielle’s creative process looks like [32:05]
  • How Danielle lives a full life [36:40]
  • The routines Danielle practices [38:20]
  • How mindfulness helps creativity and productivity [41:50]
  • When their company started to grow [46:40]
  • How she carried on her nonprofit work [47:25]
  • The importance of giving back [48:30]
  • Danielle’s philanthropic passions [51:00]
  • The future of Dannijo [54:50]
  • The biggest challenges of her entrepreneurial journey [58:45]

Links mentioned:

Connect with Danielle  Instagram | Twitter | Website


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