Ep 121: Nick Onken

121: Nick Onken – 5 Tools to Deal with Fear

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by Nick Onken


If you can master the way that you think, you can manifest and create greater results in your life.

Today I’m talking about a challenge that every entrepreneur faces, especially creative entrepreneurs. This question and idea came from the Nion Life Community, which you can join to connect with other creatives to ask questions, get inspiration, and collaborate with others.

Fear is something that every artist has to face: the fear that your work isn’t good, the fear that you won’t be able to make money with it, the fear  that you’ll have a creativity block. But today I’m giving you five tools to deal with fear as a creative entrepreneur that will help you move past your fear and master the power of your mind.

Being curious catalyzes creativity.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Fear is a common challenge for creative entrepreneurs [1:45]
  • Why we have to master our thoughts [3:30]
  • Being aware of your fear is the first step [4:30]
  • How constantly creating can help you get out of your head [5:10]
  • The importance of curiosity and wonder [5:50]
  • Why I practice meditation [6:20]
  • How gratitude puts everything in perspective [7:20]
  • What my gratitude practice looks like [7:50]
  • The power of the mind [8:45]

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