3 Ways to Invest in Your Craft

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To elevate your work, you must invest.

Today I’m giving you a five minute takeaway about investing in your creative journey. It’s important not only when you are starting out, but also as you continue to build your career, you have to constantly invest back into your art with time, money, and more.

This conversation was sparked by the new Nion Community I’ve created on Facebook. Join the group to be a part of the conversation, meet other creatives, pose questions, and find artists to collaborate with.

If you don’t get yourself, your work, and your brand out there, then no one will know about you to hire you.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The importance of continued development [2:20]
  • Why you might want to invest time in unpaid projects [3:20]
  • What tools to invest in [4:10]
  • Why you should continue to educate yourself [4:50]
  • Business is part of the craft [4:55]
  • The value of interning for an artist you admire [5:05]
  • Why you have to practice [6:25]
  • The sacrifice of time [7:40]
  • Why failure is part of the process [7:55]

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