4 Ingredients to Create a Successful Adventure

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The scope of your life, the size of it, is in direct proportion to how uncomfortable you’re willing to be.

Today on the show I’m talking to returning guest Jon Levy, who has just come out with a book about the science of adventure. Last time Jon was on the show we talked about his influencer dinners, and how to bring people together. This time, we’re talking about something completely different: the science of adventure.

Being an adventurer myself, I love this subject, and Jon has some great stories to share from his travels around the world. Listen in as he breaks down the four ingredients that make a successful adventure and what makes it memorable. I think part of why I connect to this topic so much is that going on a successful adventure is all about creating your moments, taking initiative, which translates into the process of creativity. So in addition to talking about traveling and adventure, we also talk about using these same ideas to break out of ruts and inspire creativity.

If you’re with a great group, they can make a terrible event amazingly fun, and vice versa.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • When Jon Levy became interested in social interactions [4:45]
  • The characteristics of adventure [6:25]
  • The importance of constraints [10:00]
  • What are four stages of adventure [19:50]
  • You are the people you surround yourself with [23:40]
  • Why traveling pushes you [26:25]
  • The importance of setting goals [26:55]
  • What is the winner effect [29:30]
  • The relationship between the scope of your life and how uncomfortable you’re willing to be [36:30]

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