What It Takes To Direct The Music For Hamilton

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Without a doubt music is what I’ve always wanted to do, music is what I feel like I was born to do, it’s what I feel like I do best, it fills me, fulfills me, it fuels me.

I’m super excited about today’s guest, Alex Lacamoire. My girlfriend Stacy London and I have been on the Hamilton journey for a while now. I’m not really a Broadway person, but if you haven’t heard this musical, it’s time to take a listen. It is revolutionizing the way we learn about history, and it’s revolutionizing the genre of musical theater. Hamilton won 11 Tony Awards this year, and Alex won one of those. He is the orchestrator and musical director of the show, and he is a brilliant creative who works alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda.

In this episode we learn about Alex’s creative process, how he got into music, his struggle with hearing loss. One of my favorite things about talking to Alex is his amazing positive energy and outlook on life, and we talk about that has helped get him where he is today and helped mold his creative career.

Not hearing “no” for an answer makes me feel as if what it is that I dream of and what it is that I desire is possible.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • When Alex got involved in music [4:40]
  • How he got involved in musical theater [6:25]
  • The influence of his mom [8:00]
  • How music helped Alex grow up [12:25]
  • What happened when Alex started losing his hearing [16:20]
  • Where his positive outlook came from [23:25]
  • How his attitude affects his career [26:40]
  • How he uses psychology in his work with actors [28:35]
  • Why Alex’s art is in service of others [36:40]
  • How he met Lin-Manuel Miranda [41:10]
  • What it felt like winning awards [42:40]
  • How his creative process works with Lin [44:40]
  • How to get out of a cycle of self doubt [51:55]
  • Why he doesn’t thrive on a routine [55:05]
  • Where Alex gets his inspiration [56:15]

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