How To Find Your Unique Path As An Artist

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Because I didn’t fit in and no one pressured me to fit in, I could be different and I could do art.

I’ve been wanting to get today’s guest on the show for quite a while now, and I’m excited it’s finally happening. Shantell Martin is an amazing artist that I met at Summit Series last year. She has a very distinct style, and you’ve probably seen her work as murals and on walls and in lots of different places. Shantell gets commissions all over the world to draw on all kinds of things, from walls to cars and more.

One of the things I love most about Shantell’s work is that it’s very thought driven and thought provoking. All of this aligns very much with her mantra, “You be you.” She is all about helping people discover through they are through a creative and analytical process.

Listen in as we talk about Shantell’s upbringing, her creative process, the time she spent in Japan, why you have to believe in your art, how to make money with art, and so so much more.

Does progress really exist or are we just changing the scenery?

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How she was allowed to be different [6:00]
  • What inspired her to go to Japan [7:45]
  • Why you have to believe in your art [10:00]
  • What is a visual jockey [11:30]
  • How her live work is inspired by her environment [15:00]
  • What experiments she has been doing lately [17:45]
  • How to make money with your art [22:00]
  • Why “You be you” is her brand’s mantra [25:50]
  • What makes her question her art [31:10]
  • What her book is about [34:00]
  • How she thinks about the lines of her art [39:15]
  • Her perspective on art school [45:50]
  • The importance of hiring the right people and contracts [48:50]
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for anyone or anything [55:40]
  • How technology is influencing art [56:40]

Links mentioned:

Connect with Shantell Instagram | Twitter | Website

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