10 Tools for Mental Greatness

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It’s important for us to be grateful for the things we do have in our lives, all the way down to the very breath we’re breathing.

I just got back from trip to Guatemala where I was shooting for Pencils of Promise. I also was lucky enough to see pictures of the school that I raised money to build, and it’s incredible know that I made that happen. Giving back to the world is super important, and it has to do with the topic of today’s podcast episode: 10 tools for mental greatness.

We’re nearing the 100th episode of this podcast, and the timing is perfect because I’m also working hard on my new brand Nion. As I’ve been working hard on this new project, I’ve been thinking a lot about creating a movement that’s all about creating your life by creating every moment. I want you to create your ideal life, so today I’m giving you tools to help you achieve mental greatness.

By telling yourself positive things every day, you’ll begin to believe them.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The difficulty of separating your work from your self-worth [2:50]
  • The importance of awareness [4:00]
  • Why you have to shift your story [6:05]
  • How meditation has helped me calm my nerves [7:10]
  • Why you should practice gratitude [8:15]
  • The power of affirmations [9:15]
  • Why you have to exercise your body in addition to your brain [10:05]
  • How I exercise my brain and get inspired with podcasts [11:05]
  • What are binaural beats [12:40]
  • Why you have to surround yourself with positive people [13:35]
  • The importance of giving back to the world [14:30]

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