The Art of Personal Branding

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In personal branding it’s really about the people; It’s the person at the center, it’s the people that influence their lives, it’s the people that they touch.

Being a creative entrepreneur can be a challenge, especially when it comes to branding and marketing yourself as a business. It’s important to be able to identify the things that you value, and to weave those into your mission.

Today I’m talking to OG ShopTalk Radio guest Matthew Loyd, an expert brand strategist. As a creative entrepreneur, I appreciate Matthew’s take on the power of personal branding. He has some great advice as to how you can create that brand by identifying the pillars and the stories that are important to you, refine your sound bite, and pay attention to what makes you happy while also making you unique.

The more you have to say in the world, the more you’re producing, that story can be consistent across all your channels.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Why he started his own branding company [1:45]
  • The power of personal branding [3:10]
  • The difference between personal branding and marketing [3:35]
  • How he defines personal brand [4:55]
  • How you can create your brand pillars [6:25]
  • What is a cocktail party statement [7:45]
  • What is the Toxic Skill [8:35]
  • What makes a good soundbite [10:05]
  • How you can use the internet and social media to tell your story [15:25]
  • The power of discipline [16:55]
  • Why you have to pay attention to what makes you happy and unique [19:35]

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