The Art of Interviewing

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You can palm the basketball, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great basketball player – you’re gonna have to work at it.

I was lucky enough to hear today’s guest Cal Fussman speak about the art of the interview on the Summit at Sea boat. Cal is an amazing storyteller, interviewer, and speaker. Having interviewed people like Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, Richard Branson, Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, Muhammad Ali, and so many more, he has some amazing stories to tell. Cal is an animated character filled with passion for life and an enthusiasm for looking forward instead of back.

We had such a great time talking that I actually had to split this interview into two episodes. In today’s episode we’re talking about finding your niche and your passion, how he transitioned from being more of a writer to being a speaker, and how fame, photography, and knowledge are different now in the age of the internet.

Nobody’s going to get to the top of the mountain by sitting on the couch.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Why he used to identify himself as a writer [4:30]
  • How speaking has given him a new life [9:50]
  • Where his passion for interviewing and journalism came from [18:20]
  • His experience writing for the school newspaper [22:50]
  • Why he decided to travel [27:00]
  • How fame is different now than it used to be [33:30]
  • When he started making money with journalism [36:25]
  • Why he’s shifting towards video [38:15]
  • How to pursue your passion [40:50]
  • Why you have to look forward instead of backward [44:50]
  • How you can create success by doing [46:10]

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