How to Integrate Healthy Eating Into Your Lifestyle

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We’re basically consuming the worst kind of fuel that we can consume without replenishing any nutrients.

There are a lot of self-proclaimed health gurus out there giving all kinds of advice on how you can change your diet, eat healthy, and lose weight. We’ve all heard them, right? But changing your habits and quitting sugar can be extremely challenging. Choosing to eat well is one of the hardest decisions to make. I’ve been choosing to try to eliminate things like sugar from my diet, and while it’s difficult, I find that I feel so much better, tips from experts like today’s guest, Rocco Dispirito, definitely help.

Rocco is a celebrity chef, a #1 New York Times Bestselling author with twelve titles, and has been on 7 or 8 TV shows. He also has his own protein powders, shake products, and takes on private clients as well. I don’t know how he sleeps because he is doing so much all of the time. Today I’m talking to him about the state of food in the U.S., the food revolution that’s happening, and his new book The Negative Calorie Diet, which is all about foods that are not only healthy for you in varied ways, but that also help you lose weight. Listen in to hear us talk about sugars, healthy alternatives, finding your cooking style, and the decision to eat well.

I’m also excited to be giving away two signed copies of The Negative Calorie Diet! Listen in to hear the details on how to enter to get your hands on this awesome book.

I really hope to be able to at some point provide healthy and delicious food that’s available and affordable to just about everyone.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How he got his first job cooking [5:50]
  • His favorite part of the restaurant industry [8:20]
  • The limitless nature of food [10:20]
  • How he expanded his world view and got on TV [14:10]
  • Why he had do decide between marketing his product or creating his product [18:40]
  • Defining his style [20:20]
  • Why NYC customers are so great [22:20]
  • What his point of view is in terms of flavor [26:40]
  • The danger of our current food system [29:35]
  • How you can decide to make changes in your diet [32:05]
  • What happens when people don’t value themselves [42:25]
  • Why making the decision to get healthy is the hardest part [46:40]
  • The challenge of changing your habits and quitting sugar [49:10]
  • What his new book is all about [53:50]
  • What makes a negative-calorie food [57:55]
  • Three tips from his new book you can incorporate into your life [1:02:50]
  • The difference between health and vanity [1:08:00]

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