What Usher Really Cares About

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Last week was impactful.

Not only on me, but waves were made in the world. Historic waves. Very rare is it that you see such a big artist step into activism and create a song performed and listen to by millions of people about a subject like Social Injustice.

If you haven’t heard Usher’s new song CHAINS, it’s a strong one, but beyond the sound is the message it’s carrying. The song is meant to make the public aware of the social injustice and police brutality. They created an interactive experience at chains.tidal.com where you have to watch the content to hear the song. In the experience, it shows the faces of victims of black lives that have been murdered in injustice.

Last week I got to photograph his performance on Tuesday at the Tidal show, where he debuted CHAINS. It was an amazing day, and powerful experience. He brought out the families of the victims in the video to see the show and have a special VIP experience. Who does that?

Usher cares about Legacy and making a difference in today’s world. He does what people of position should do to make the world a better place. Mentoring, giving back, raising awareness to causes and issues, etc. One of the few celebrities using their platform to create good in the world. Much respect.

The week ended with a chat at 92y with Usher and Harry Belafonte, legends and history being made. It was beautiful to see Harry as a mentor to Usher, speaking of his days with Martin Luther King and changing the world. Such a powerful conversation. Jay Z showed up to support as well which was huge.

I continue to be inspired by friends like this making an impact in the world. Using their art to create positive change. Experiences like this make me feel so blessed.

If you want to hear more of Usher’s perspective on life, check out my podcast interview with him at shoptalkradio.com/ep38

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