The Value of a Morning Routine

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If you repeat a process, it becomes a habit, and habits create growth.

In many ShopTalk interviews, you’ve heard my guests discuss their morning routines. These routines are such an important part of the day: they get you started on the right foot, get your mind moving, and set the tone for a productive and creative day.

This week I’m sharing my morning routine and the reasoning behind it. This routine helps me stay grounded and keep me in the best mindset for accessing my best work and self during the day.

Check it out to hear why I always meditate and practice mindfulness, why I push myself to exercise, and why I listen to inspiring podcasts.

If we’re grateful for what we have currently, we’re going to receive more.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How morning routines can help you stay grounded [1:00]
  • How I’ve been optimizing my life [1:50]
  • Why having a routine can help you adapt to change [2:45]
  • Why I meditate every morning [3:45]
  • What are the three steps of my mindfulness practice [4:45]
  • What is plyotraining [6:50]
  • Why I love listening to podcasts [8:15]
  • Why I have a protein shake after working out [9:25]

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