How to Create a Career in Art Part 12/15 - Why A Business Degree Is Important In Art

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It’s about creating the lifestyle you want to live and building a business around it.

Creating a high profile career in fashion and lifestyle photography is gratifying, but what it took from me to get there is the real gift.

During the last ten years of creating this career, I’ve learned a few things that might be useful to the up-and-comers. In this collection of episodes, I break down the process that I used to make a living with my art. These tips go beyond my world of photography and transcend into any creative venture.

The lessons can be useful if you’re into illustration, fashion design, fashion blogging, music, performing arts, writing or any other creative hustle. Think of it like the DNA of a creative professional. Think of it like the building blocks of inspiration.

This is the twelfth installment of my 15 part series on how to make a career in art.

As much as the craft is important, the business is important as well.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Why money isn’t an end all [2:05]
  • How long it takes to get to what is the beginning of your career [2:20]
  • Why you don’t have to go back to school to get a business degree [2:45]
  • How you have to build a business around your art to live a full-time creative lifestyle [3:45]
  • How having a mentor can help you learn the ropes of the business side [4:00]
  • Why you should hire a consultant [4:30]
  • Why you have to have a marketing plan that goes with your budget [5:40]
  • Take advantage of the resources that are out there [6:50]
  • Why you should read books about art and business and marketing [7:55]
  • The value of networking and building relationships [8:50]
  • Why it’s important to think about the lifestyle you want and build a business around that [9:25]
  • Why you have to have a why to drive your business [10:30]
  • The importance of having the drive and getting inspired [14:10]
  • Why you have to be motivated to devour information [14:45]

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