3 Things It Takes to Have a Career in Art

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I took one of my favorite pictures of all time with just myself and the subject, and that’s something I’m always trying to chase to get back to.

Today on the show I’m talking to one of my favorite photographers of all time, Jeff Lipsky. Jeff and I met when one day I just hit him up and asked him to get coffee. Since then we’ve become friends and I admire his work a lot.

Jeff is an awesome, personable guy, which is why he is able to shoot his subjects so well. He’s passionate about staying true to himself, and tries to stay open to inspiration. He also works hard to continue to do personal projects, which I think is so important.

Listen in to hear us geek out about cameras, talk about his path to becoming a photographer, and talk about how to push yourself out of your comfort zone while staying true to yourself.

If you’re passionate about something and you love something, no matter what, you’re going to be successful at it.

 Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The amazing people Jeff has shot [3:40]
  • His upbringing in a photography oriented family [5:40]
  • Where his fascination with simple lighting came from [8:30]
  • Why he loves simple photoshoots [10:15]
  • Why you have to do personal work [11:00]
  • Why you have to assist [14:50]
  • How he prepared for his first real job [20:10]
  • Why you have to move yourself forward every day [23:35]
  • How timing, tenacity, and talent apply to the creative arts [24:05]
  • Why everyone has talent [26:50]
  • How lights and equipment can distract from the moment [33:30]
  • Why you have to eventually push out on your own [37:55]
  • Why you have to shoot for you, not for money [40:40]
  • How to transition from editorial to advertising [42:35]
  • Why your portfolio has to be consistent [44:50]
  • How to work the angle to make everyone happy [45:50]
  • Why he likes simple, beautiful, and timeless images [52:50]
  • Why digital cameras mean less diversity in looks [55:50]
  • Why he brings doubles of everything to every shoot [58:25]
  • Why you have to be open to inspiration and ideas [1:02:20]

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