What It Means To Follow Your MUST

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Must’ feels like being in love: when you know you just know.

As artists, it is important to allow ourselves the time and the space to create.

This is what artist and author Elle Luna calls play. And where does she play? In the sandbox. Creating a sandbox is key to creating art. Another key is recognizing the difference between “should” and “must.” To create authentically, we need to have the strength to relinquish “should” to make room for the “must.”

I find Elle’s philosophies on art and play fascinating and inspiring, and I can’t wait for you to hear them. She has a toolbox full of ideas and exercises all designed to pull you into your art and creativity.

Let’s leap into the sandbox that is this week’s interview with Elle Luna.

The creative journey is a battle, and ultimately you’re battling yourself.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How she fell into the art world [2:10]
  • Stepping into the world of graphic design [3:00]
  • Thee difference between should and must [6:20]
  • Using money to buy time rather than material goods [6:50]
  • The three different types of work [8:00]
  • How to get paid for your work [12:10]
  • How she started selling her work [16:20]
  • The egalitarian power of social media [17:40]
  • The community of the 100 Day Project [26:10]
  • What is a sandbox [28:40]
  • Why being unproductive can be valuable [32:50]
  • How to create a space to make [35:10]
  • What are morning pages [37:45]
  • How she found her sandbox [41:50]
  • The process of writing her book [47:00]
  • How you can use tools to help you achieve your goals [49:35]
  • What is does the crossroad between should and must look like? [51:40]
  • The importance of being seen in our lives [54:10]
  • The difficulty of choosing must [55:00]
  • The value of seeing money as a game and being creative with time [55:55]
  • How to find your must [57:35]

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