How to Explore Your Creativity from the Inside Out

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“It’s important to make sure the soul is steering the ship and that the ego is supporting that journey.”

It’s important to take creativity to the extreme.

It’s important to acknowledge how the inner world and outer world interact with your creativity.

Once we discover our own world, how do we help the rest of the world with the same self-reflection? That’s what Amber Rae’s work is all about.

She’s on a treasure hunt to find the joy in uncovering clues and discovering wisdom. The joy that stems from her inner mentor and the mentor outside of herself. What does it mean to be living in a realm of synchronicity and flow? How do we embrace fear instead of trying to push it away?

This episode inspires me to get unstuck. To source creative flow. To inspire care and the power to listen to my inner artist. The clarity to focus on learning and creating.

Thank you for joining this week’s episode with Amber Rae.

“Focus on the input so that the output will naturally occur.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The journey to quiet the noise of the world and tap into the inside [3:30]
  • How her project “The World We Want” brings self reflection to the masses [4:00]
  • What it means to define and explore creative limits [16:00]
  • The difference between ego calls and soul calls [20:50]
  • How the idolization of fearlessness is killing our creativity [25:40]
  • On the importance of balancing doing and being [29:00]
  • What it means to be and to be aware of your inner world [29:30]
  • Putting the focus on the body and the heart, rather than solely on the brain [36:55]
  • Why sometimes it takes going to extremes to find harmony [37:25]
  • Shifting focus and making money with art [46:20]
  • Artist’s dates and other tricks for getting unstuck [48:00]
  • Asking what you’re learning instead of what you’re creating [51:20]
  • How her fiancé sets her free creatively [57:45]
  • Exploration of Love Around the World [1:00:45]
  • Embody the inspiration you want to create [1:02:00]

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