How Social Skills Accelerate Your Creative Career

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“Your beliefs affect your reactions, which affect your results.”

We’re all attracted to someone who has that charm… but… define charm…

Personal magnetism and charisma are important, sure, but the ability to be self confident and authentic: That’s what our next guest defines as charm.

He’s an expert in charm and exploring the nature of it. It takes a strong person to be vulnerable and authentic with other people. Is that what makes charm? That’s what we dig into today.

Thanks for downloading this podcast, we think you’ll love this episode with Jordan Harbinger.

I had nothing else to do! So let that sink in….

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The synopsis of The Art of Charm
  • How the recluse artist can understand the charisma of creating a brand
  • The non-verbal first impression and how it creates successful opportunities
  • How to create the perception you desire before you walk into a room
  • How to decrease your stress level through authenticity
  • The distinction between doing something because it’s what you love and doing something because you need the validation
  • Overcoming the stuck in a job conundrum and the golden handcuffs
  • The signs to detect discontent and how to realign that discontent
  • Jordan’s real story about realizing how a job search doesn’t work and wall street sucks
  • Why failing at law was a blessing in disguise
  • How Jordan is working to make the world of “self-help” a thriving movement
  • Attracting authentically happy relationships through real relationships
  • The law of attraction in progress
  • The truth about the Art of Charm
  • Why being open and vulnerable is the most powerful way of being
  • The biggest key to building relationships
  • How “A-List” folks really act
  • How love really works
  • How to add value on a “way of being” level
  • How Jordan lives inspiration

Links mentioned:

  • Learn more about The Art of Charm
  • Music Credit: With Me (Original Mix) by CATMAGIC

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