The Art of Selling Your Art

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“I never wanted to start out with small magazines. I wanted to start out loud.”

It was his dream job, but something else was calling him…

In this interview we delve into the life of James Goldcrown. His astonishing career, starting as a young dark room assistant in South London and evolving to the top of the fashion industry in New York City. The industry began to weigh on him and his burn out led him to Africa where he created a life altering documentary. Something had to change…

He started selling paintings from the back of a truck he built and styled. In this interview you can hear for yourself the passion he has for the art of selling art. Now he does that… but that isn’t it.

He started The Shed Project on Mott Street. It is a collaborative gallery/workshop where people can come to create and to sell. It’s the physical representation of the intersection of community, creativity and commerce.

Thank you so much for downloading the 30th episode of NIONradio.

“New York is like a girlfriend.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The story behind James Goldcrown from London to NYC
  • What it takes to be a great fashion photographer
  • The importance of aggressively going after your desires
  • On the soul of the fashion industry
  • On leaving the fashion industry to make a documentary in Africa
  • How James started selling art from the truck
  • Key lessons regarding the art of selling your art
  • How to price art effectively… on the street and in the gallery
  • Managing the balance of personal work and paid work
  • Navigating the ebbs and flows of creative productive potential
  • The vision for The Shed Project and where the inspiration comes from


Top 3 Tips for Selling Art in the Street:

  1. Know the Customer – “Don’t waste your energy on someone who’s going to waste your time.”
  2. Accommodate that Person – “Make them feel like they are a part of the process.”
  3. Know your Expenses and How to Bring the Customer in – “When you make a piece, be aware of what you spent on the piece. Be willing to come down accordingly. Always make that buyer feel like they’ve got what they wanted.”


Links mentioned:

  • Learn a little more about Amber Rae, the girl who introduced Nick and James
  • Check out James Goldcrown’s documentary on AID work in Africa, To Die No More: Part I | Part II | Part III
  • Learn more about The Shed Project and come visit: 179 Mott Street between Kenmare and Broome
  • Music Credit: Colorful by The Madison

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