How To Connect with Hard-To-Reach People

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“Creativity has become democratized thanks to technology.”

Max Lugavere  is an artist, musician host and awesome storyteller.

He created an incredible opportunity with his show Acting Disruptive. In it, he had the opportunity to interview high profile people who where cultivating new-age business by utilizing technology. Notable entrepreneurs like Jessica Alba and Adrian Grenier.

Not only that, he created an album and he’s making more films that we can even list here.

Thank you for downloading the show, now let’s dive into the podcast.

“Share the inspiration. Don’t keep that shit bottled up, it’s good stuff. Inspiration is contagious.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Who Max Lugavere is and what he does [0:30]
  • How Max transferred from science to film making [5:40]
  • What separated Max’s project from the 1000s of others seeking the position to tell the [6:30]
  • How to make money with film making [9:20]
  • How to engineer serendipity outside of the digital world [11:45]
  • Connecting with hard to reach people and landing competitive jobs when you’re starting out [13:15]
  • The incomprehensible power of personal branding and spreading great ideas [16:25]
  • Where the idea for Disruptive came from and the story of implementing it [22:15]
  • Matt Ridley, Idea sex and how understanding it can help creative entrepreneurs [28:45]
  • How Max kept the lights on before moving into a career as a creative [31:00]
  • Food, Nutrition and Taking down Alzheimers [36:30]
  • Where Max’s Vision will take him next [59:30]

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