How You See Determines How You Live

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“Once you have your vision and the end goal then you can be creative about the approach to get there.”

Perspective runs everything around me.

How you see determines how you live.

Does creativity mean you need to become an artist? Do you have to become an emotional hipster? No, creativity can be found in everyone from the plumber to the sea captain.

When you’re creating something from nothing, you’re being creative. When life is lived through the lens of creativity, we can open ourselves up to serendipity and our life’s greatest work.

“Your life is a movie, are you watching it, or are you directing it?”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • “To be creative you have to be an artist.” – WRONG
  • How to view creativity as a way of operating
  • How to select your career and what it takes to get there
  • Tips for juggling your personal projects and the time you need to pay your bills

“Flip the switch,

live life intentionally

live life in a space of creativity

create what you want in the world

your world is made up of how you create it

you’re the author, you get to choose, you’re the director.”

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Take the Creative Score Quiz and get prescribed content for where you are in your creative journey for free

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