nick onken + Kate Ryan Inc.



I’m excited to announce my new representation and partnership with Kate Ryan Inc. After going through a big rebrand over the last year, I’ve refined the direction of my brand to do more fashion and editorial work in addition to what I’ve been doing, and it felt like the right fit. As we grow as artists, sometimes the direction of our vision shifts as well.

One of my big goals as a photographer is to build my profile and brand through doing more editorial. Key editorial assignments aren’t only great advertising for a photographer, but also a lot of times a more creative outlet for your own creative vision.

People ask me what my favorite thing to shoot is, and what I love is the variety of shooting different content. As much as I love shooting beautiful little kids and landscapes in the developing world, I love shooting the trifecta of beautiful models with great styled clothes in exotic locations. The latter, as I’ve come to know through the last few years of my journey, is fashion. That is the direction I am pushing my work towards.

After a few rounds of interviews, I landed with Kate Ryan, who I feel aligns with the place I’m at in my journey, and where I want to head. I had a great run with my former reps, Greenhouse who were instrumental in building my career, and now a new season begins.

Sometimes, or perhaps a lot of times, new chapters and seasons are good for energy flows.


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