Vanity Fair Celebrity & Portrait photographer on the ins and outs of the photography business and Creativity.

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“My workflow is: The answer is, ‘Yes.’ Now what’s the question?”

The word SEX gets attention, so does Art Streiber’s work.

He is one of the top portrait photographers in Los Angeles today. His work is iconic. You’ve probably seen it in world class magazines like Vanity Fair, GQ, Entertainment Weekly or Fast Company just to name a few. He’s a veteran and it’s an honor to have him on the show.

Just because he’s a big name, doesn’t mean he’s kept it all to himself. But he’s a giver too.

Art has a history as a mentor. Many creative entrepreneurs working today started as interns and employees helping him create. Hey, he came on ShopTalk didn’t he?

Please share this with your photographer friends. We’re blessed to have an hour with Art Streiber.

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How Art Streiber taught himself to be one of the best portrait photographers
  • How he got his first full time photography jobs on Women’s Wear Daily
  • Moving to Milan to shoot runway fashion without a drop of experience
  • How to cultivate a reputation as a problem solver and why it’s important
  • On 20 years of growth amongst the best celebrity portrait photographers
  • The monumental moments which shed the character of Art Streiber
  • How to take a left brain/right brain approach to an important shoot
  • The role of homework in creating a smart, subtle, sophisticated and iconic shoot
  • The Sunset Strip Test: Does it catch your eye?
  • Show stopping photos and the mindset of the photographer
  • The role of heavy research in creating something that hasn’t been done before
  • Managing the challenge of an agency’s vision while your name is on the line
  • Advice for setting expectations of clients
  • Stepping into the role of a director
  • Why photographers are in the education business
  • The HUGE importance of client management
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Manages with the ups and downs of a creative lifestyle
  • How to make gaff tape stick (hint: use an iron)
  • Excelling during the “burden state” or not working for long periods of time
  • Art Streiber’s philosophy behind mentorship
  • On the importance of your website as a creative entrepreneur
  • Plus, much more…

Links mentioned:

  1. Johnny Trego’s Passenger Side Window (Huffington Post Article)
  2. Shaughn Crawford’s Slurpee Project

Connect with Art: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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