How Vulnerability Can Empower a Movement

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“We talk around cancer a lot but we don’t actually talk about it until it comes close to home.”

Today we’ve got the beautiful and amazing, Yael Cohen on NIONradio. Yael is the founder and creator of an organization called Fuck Cancer that was started to raise awareness for early breast cancer detection, and now for many other types of cancer. Interesting piece of information, 90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one, and that’s not a widely known fact. It’s amazing how we glaze through life without paying attention.

On this episode, we get to hear the story of how her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and how it changed both of their worlds. What I love is that we get to see Yael’s amazing heart as she took care of her mother through her the journey. In turn, this was how the organization was birthed.

On this show, we talk about creating a brand in the non-profit space and how it makes you stand out. We also learn about different types of food that actually help to prevent cancer. We learn how to socially interact with someone who has cancer. As funny as this sounds, it can be a very awkward situation if you make it that way. We also learn how choosing a name like “Fuck Cancer” can work for you or against you.

So with that, get ready to get inspired and lets jump in!

“We’re fucking amazing, we have access to more information than any generation ever has. We teach our parents more than any generation ever has.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What took Yael from the Finance world to the Non-Profit
  • The story of learning your mother has cancer
  • How courageous vulnerability of the brand, fuck cancer, empowered a movement
  • The power of evoking the Why  in a community
  • Moving through puberty of
  • Institutionalizing the magic: from irreverent disruptive organization to scale about structure and strategy
  • Why the internet is so important to building for purpose organizations
  • Where to learn to set up and manage a non-profit
  • Why changing what you study over and over again is leading to your purpose
  • Strategies for healthful living
  • Early detection steps and why it’s so important
  • How one dives into authenticity when dealing with the fight of their life
  • Did you know, if a couple loses a kid to cancer, the divorce rate is near 80%
  • Ways to avoid awkwardness when talking with a friend suffering from a terrible sickness
  • How one, “gets over themselves.”
  • How she uses self-care to set the tone for the day, meditation and intense exercise
  • Why divisive branding (like Fuck Cancer) more powerfully serves a specific group
  • The begetting thing Yael has learned from building the Fuck Cancer brand

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Connect with Yael: Instagram | Twitter | Website

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