Love Mob co-founder talks inner mindsets in creating a people movement

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“There’s only one way to learn, to really illuminate our lives, and that’s to jump”

Today’s inspiring shoptalk radio guest is Preston Smiles. Preston is a heartfelt, intelligent man who is a leader in the world of conscious media. He’s a brilliant writer, thought leader and co-founder of this awesome thing called the Love Mob – basically a flash mob with the message of Love, which we’ll hear more about it in this episode. We also get to hear where the “Smiles” in his name came from.

Through a heavy wakeup call, Preston went from being in a gang, beating people up, angry at life to going to a prestigious school, transforming and becoming full of love. He is an amazing, full of life dude, and has a powerful story. We get deep, we talk about life, perspective and much more.

In this episode, we talk about how thoughts shape and shift what we attract in our lives. Some thoughts even hold us captive even when we aren’t thinking about it. Preston is an inspiration and has many thought provoking concepts, so lets jump in!

“All growth comes on the edge of un-comfortability”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The hilarious origin of Preston’s name (involving granola bars)
  • All about the Love Mob and where it came from
  • Organized acts of love: flash mobs through education and entertainment
  • How to Co-ordinating simultaneous flash mobs across LA, New York, San Diego, Netherlands, Portland
  • Overcoming the challenges of growing up with dyslexia
  • Breaking free of a past filled with gangs and getting kicked out of six different schools
  • About a massive wake up call
  • About being saved after the death of all one’s friends
  • The shift from a school with no books to the best in the state
  • How to graduate with straight As and still get in fights
  • Responding to a diagnosis of heart palpitations and permanent prescriptions
  • Transitioning to deciding to become the best version of myself
  • Redirecting thoughts and letting go of pain
  • How to attain goals
  • Preston Smiles Vision for the future: current projects, public speaking and book publishing
  • On the importance of coaching and how successful people utilize them
  • Cultivating creativity from within
  • The power of meditation: forms and application
  • Plus much more…

Links mentioned:

Connect with Preston: Instagram | YouTube | FacebookTwitter | Website


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