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Today’s guest, Michaelangelo L’acqua is one that I find truly fascinating as he does something that is very rare and unheard of, but also completely inspiring. He is known as a music lifestyle curator for the W hotels. He gets to travel around the world to their hotels and curate the musical experience for their guests -pretty awesome. He’s actually been to one of my dream places, the W hotel in the maldive Islands, which I’m dying to see. He also DJ’s huge parties around the world, which he considers just a “hobby”, but in the grand scheme he just loves curating musical experiences for people.

Michaelangelo has also created an amazing mentorship program for DJ’s that we get to hear about and we also dive into how big personal branding is for DJ’s and well anyone in the creative field. I’ve always thought that if I weren’t a photographer, I’d be a DJ, but after talking to him, I realize how much photography is something that is much more natural to me. Especially as he talks about the vast musical knowledge that a real DJ should have to take their career to the highest level.

We also get to talk about the process of curation and how in this day in age it’s necessary to stand out above the digital noise.

We met at Summit Series a couple years ago, and Michaelangelo has always inspired me in what he does, and it’s a privilege to get to dive into it with him. So lets jump in!

“Once you define what you’ve become, you defy the infinite possibilities of what you could be.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Learn about the best profession in the world: musical lifestyle curator
  • How he got his start in high fashion
  • The pitch that led him to success as the Ambassador for W Hotels
  • Sonic Branding vs. DJing – How does one choose?
  • The inexplicable value of traveling the world as personal development
  • The quest for mastery and how committed Michaelangelo is to it
  • The skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur
  • All about the mindset of professional DJs
  • Why egos have no place in the music industry
  • Working with Amfar to make AIDs a disease of the past
  • How to Acknowledge the people in our life
  • Skills to stand out from the pack

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Learn more about abolishing Aids: Amfar

Connect with Michelangelo Instagram | Twitter | Website | Soundcloud

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