How To Cultivate Your Own Fan Base

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When I first heard Tori’s voice, I was mesmerized and I still am. I have a very short attention span with singer songwriters, but Tori is one that I could listen to for hours. You’ll get to hear her sing an exclusive little diddy on today’s episode. Tori is on the rise, and has built an amazing following for herself. She also recently signed with Scooter Braun. Tori is such a sweetheart.

“I’m the type of writer that writes about the now.”

In This Show We Discuss:

  • How Tori came up as a singer, songwriter and guitar/piano player
  • The dream of getting singed by a label…. not such a dream
  • How she grew her own revolutionary record label
  • Finding the balance between publishing covers and original songs
  • About the first concert where she realized, “I can do this…”
  • How to cultivate a hard core fan base
  • The life events that shaped Tori’s successful song writing career
  • How she started working with Scooter Braun
  • Strategies for hitting top 10 in iTunes without a record label
  • Lessons from a successful new media EP launch
  • Opening up to trusting a production team and another songwriter
  • On the power of declaration and the audacious grand vision of Tori
  • What it’s like playing Madison Square Garden
  • Going deep with the role of passion in creative inspiration
  • Tori’s advice for someone trying to get somewhere with their music
  • Where Tori gets her inspiration


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