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Our life is based off of results in every category, such as relationships, money/finance, career, spirituality, etc. Those results come from the actions we take to get those results. Those actions come from the decisions we make to take those actions. The decisions we make come from the conversations in our heads, our self talk, our thoughts. We have over 100,000 conversations in our heads a day from the time we wake up, till the time we go to bed. All those thoughts of “what am I going to do today?” “Am I good enough for that?” “I can’t do that because of this.” “I suck” etc. On average, 80% of those thoughts and conversations are negative. Obviously, some people have more and some people have less, but if you take that statistic and think about the results that you’re achieving in your life, one would think they could be better no matter who you are. I know I’ve come to that realization in the last few months. I’ve realized that there are so many conversations and thoughts in my head that have held me back from my full potential and possibility especially in the arena of my creative career.

What results are you getting in your life that you would like to see different or improved? What relationships do you feel could be deeper and more connected? Do you live so much in your head that you get analysis paralysis and can’t make a decision? Do you live with self doubt in working with clients? Do you trust yourself in your decisions with business? How much does failing turn into self beatup, rather than learning how you can close the gap between what you envision and what results you are getting?

In the world of creative entrepreneurship, I know I have experienced many of these thoughts and questions and I still do.

If there was a way to shift these to create better results in your life, what would that be worth to you?


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