Madbury + Neon


This lovely collaboration with the mad genius Madbury Club boys was quite an adventure. Below is an excerpt from the editorial of the photos they posted on their site.

Sometimes, you just gotta bring it back to square one. The violently bright 90′s tones, the unmistakable public display of athleticism, the rotary neck force of innocent bystanders. Fssssh, fsssh, fsssh goes the nylon. This was home for us.

The Club is obviously back with a fresh new site and a revamped outlook, but the fuck-never-given antics are still the same. What started out as a healthy morning jog became something entirely different by lunchtime. We’re not prone to skimping on theatrics so we conjured up the most pompous getups we could find and scoured the streets. We took to the finer parts of New York City so we could showcase the squad in it’s full roster form (bless you Marcus), and also just so we could piss some people off. What ensued was pure disruption of Monday morning grumpiness, traffic flow, retinal sensitivity and the occasional AstroTurf Kung Fu tryout. And thank you to those kind women who graciously placed coins in the hat during our dance routine. We surely didn’t spend it all in one place.

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