Ep 06: Lewis Howes

06: Lewis Howes – How to Build a Business From Your Couch

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by Nick Onken


“You sound dead to me. Wake up, start living the life you want to live everyday, as opposed to living half your life average to pay the bills.” [email protected]

Lewis Howes has become a really close friend over the last couple years. We connected through our circle of friends of Pencils of Promise, as Lewis has built a couple schools for the organization. Lewis is the inspiration and catalyst for starting this podcast actually. He interviewed me over on his podcast, School of Greatness and connected me with his guy Ian over at Freedom Podcasting…now we are here. Lewis has a big vision to help entrepreneurs unlock their inner greatness and go big in their lives. Check out School of Greatness for another great source of inspiration. He’s a former pro athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and has created great success in life. He’s a lifeballer! The above shoot is one that Lewis hired me for to help him build his brand presence.

“For the next three years, that’s what I did. Every couple days I did a webinar and just started stacking my bank account.”


Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Lewis Howes growing up the dreamer
  • How being goal driven helped Lewis become an All American Athlete
  • The touching story of how Lewis almost lost his father and how he learned to seize the day
  • How Lewis started making money with no marketable skills and no business experience
  • Using intuition and observation to navigate the world of entrepreneurship
  • Passing tests with the power of great eyesight
  • “Adding Value” as a framework for remarkable performance
  • The story of his first $6,500 per hour experience
  • The most powerful strategies for building a community and a business online and off
  • Why design and packaging are so important to building profitable brands
  • Lewis’s goal to inspire 100 million people to live inspiration
  • How to design a life that allows you to feel the way you want

“Let go of fears and doubts. You’re going to fail, but you’ll make the steps necessary to make your dreams happen.”

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Book: 4-Hour Workweek
Lewis’s example of building a brand on Social: Gem Steady on Instagram
Lewis’ site & Blog: LewisHowes.com
Listen to the School of Greatness podcast for Free

Connect with Lewis: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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