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Coco and Breezy are my favorite twins in the world. We met on a photo shoot a couple years back when the stylist pulled their glasses for the shoot and they delivered them in person. Contrary to their edgy look, they are the sweetest girls. They have an amazing mentality that you’ll get to hear about on the podcast. They’ve created a great brand at such a young age. Coco & Breezy are talented eyewear designers, smart business women, and huge inspirations!

“…we’re going to go home, pack our stuff and we’ll be back to New York in a month.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • The crazy feeling they got from moving to New York and how that risk taking reflects business success
  • Their successful mindset of positivity and self-reliance
  • Vulnerable truths of being bullied and and feeling small at a young age
  • Success = happiness in what you’re doing!
  • How believing in anything is how to make it real
  • How they got started making their own sunglasses
  • What it means to be “sew focused”
  • How saving and reaching goals empowers entrepreneurship
  • How to raise entrepreneurial children
  • The sacrifices need to get to top of the fashion industry
  • The difference between buying stuff and being able to afford thing
  • Going from studded sunglasses home shop to real sunglasses
  • Work ethic of the successful creative entrepreneur
  • Their grand vision
  • The mindset of openness, positivity and fluidity.

“You have to just be uncomfortable and just go for it. Do it!”

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Coco & Breezy’s site:
Connect with Coco & Breezy: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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