What it Took to Build the Career of Justin Bieber

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Being that this is the first SHOPTALKradio podcast ever, I’m stoked to bring on my good friend, Scooter Braun, as the first guest. He’s a powerful man, who is also very humble and grounded for what he’s accomplished in life. I have mad respect for him.

Scooter is the biggest and youngest music mogul of our generation. For those of you who don’t know of him, he’s known for building the career of this little pop-star by the name of Justin Bieber. He also has a few other acts you may have heard of like Carly Rae Jepson, The Wanted, PSY the Gangnam Style wonder, Tori Kelly, Cody Simpson and a few other huge acts. He is one of the smartest businessmen I’ve met.

We’ve had some amazing and powerful adventures together that I’m truly grateful for.

“You’ll have an amazing network if you’re someone who can do the work well, people will seek you out, they’ll want to know you.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

• How excelling at planning parties led to a position as the vice president of So So Def
• How a thirst for ideas led him to starting Scooter Braun Projects
• How he found and singed his first two acts: Asher Roth and Justin Bieber
• What working with Justin Bieber taught him
• What fueled the singing The Wanted, Carly Rae Jepsen and Psy
• Why Scooter is so grateful for people doubting him
• The importance of a backpacking trip with his little brother
• How Tori Kelly became one of the hottest in the industry on her own
• A key that Scooter uses for building relationships
• The importance of picking up the phone and saying “I’m Sorry”
• Scooter’s #1 priority
• The difference of growing up with holocaust survivors
• What makes scooter the most selfish guy around
• Why people do drugs
• Justin Bieber’s strange feeling of normalcy while giving in Guatemala
• Advice for creating a career in music
• Definition of trying
• Running towards fear as a catalyst for growth

Links Mentioned in the Episode:
Charity: Pencils of Promise
Connect with Scooter | Twitter | Instagram | Scooter Braun Projects

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